Missing Hawaii

My cousin, Coty, has a blog about hiking in Hawaii. I revisit his blog quite often since I moved to Florida. There are no mountains to gaze upon, so going back to Exploration Hawaii sorta makes up for it. Coty and his friends shoots a lot of great pictures of their adventurous hikes, from waterfalls to mountain tops sometimes waterfalls on a mountain top. I definitely miss the Hawaii air. Effortless inhale of clean freshly cut grass maybe a little damp from the sprinklers. =P

Hawaii has a lot of places to hike: flat hikes, mountain hikes, dry hikes, slippery hikes, all with great views.  If you every get a chance to go to Hawaii go for a safe hike or two. As far as I travel I don’t pack hiking shoes, but if you reach Hawaii pack a pair.

Exploration Hawaii

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