Paddlesurf dreams

Ever since moving to Florida I realized the waves are just not the same, as Hawaii. Not only are there rip current warnings along the beach and it’s like a holiday when there’s decent surf. I get bored watching my fiance try to paddle though panhandle surf. So, it’ll be a real treat when I head back home and fell the cool white water wash beneath my bored. That’s right, white wash. I’m no pro when it comes to paddleboarding. You can call me a wimp, but the fun has to be just the same as the killuh rippin the big waves outshore. =P
White Plains Dawn Patrol
Now, I haven’t literally dreamt about paddlesurfing, but I’ve been itching for an island cool-off. Florida’s heat is keeping me inside with the a/c. Once I take a step outside I’m in deep moisture and maybe my breathing gets a little heavier. Running in that is a real challenge for me, which is why I sorta cut out the running and started practicing yoga. I’m hoping to see results in my balance on the board. Seems that I’ll be waiting for a trip back to the rock. For now, I’ll be finding new Florida adventures. And I’ll continue my graphic design dreams.

I recently designed this logo and I thought “wow, this is pretty cool, can’t believe I did that.” Unfortunately it was eliminated from the “contest.” Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for this one. At least I’m practicing and building my portfolio. Thumbs up!


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