DIY – Logo Design

Today, I just discovered a do-it-yourself logo design website and it’s FREE! I’m a little blown away that these websites exist, but at the same time I’m not. Graphic design is just so readily available! But, I thought maybe there’s a catch to this LogoGarden. I clicked the large orange button that read, “Make my FREE logo.” Immediately a list of company styles/themes/topics pop up. Click one and an array of logo folders related to that topic are gridded. So, the choices get narrow and reaching your final logo nears. The editing stage lets you input your company, edit fonts, resize, change color, and even add a few effects like a shadow. But then, I stop when after I click the “save now” button. A large square form appears for you to enter first name, last name, email, and password…you are required to make an account with them. That’s when I just took a screen shot of my final product. =P

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 9.39.21 AM

These websites are for clients that aren’t sure what they want and they was their choices to be limited, less complicating, and EASY. Oh, lets not forget FREE, but who knows what’s on the other side of that account setup stage. I don’t trust it!


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