Typography Frustrations!

Ever since I can remember I have been collecting free fonts from different websites. Only now I realize that I have the tools to design it, but not so much the knowledge. I’m not so crystal about the different between “typeface” and “font.” Then again that could be the frustration talking. I’ve been sifting through amazon for typography design or guides or workbooks, anything really. Most of them are on the expensive side, so thank goodness for the used books. Then again I have no clue how valuable any of those books would be for me. The Internet could have just as valuable information. Heck, the real world would probably be a very good way to get inspiration. My only dilemma: creating it. Is Illustrator the correct tool? I’ll have to dust off that textbook.
Rewinding a bit, while browsing through the books on Amazon I noticed majority of them suggested to get the good ole pencil and paper and just start doodling letters. That should be a good idea.

If you have any other advice on how to create your own typeface or fonts (I need to research that) please pay it forward. =) I’m yearnin’ for some learnin’ – Goofy Movie


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