Yoga healing design woes

It’s been a couple of days since I took on other “contests” from DesignCrowd. I was immersed in my wave designs. I’d like to thank that business, Kainalu Designs, for that challenge. It always feels great for your creativity to flourish and you fully accept your designs. I’ll still be bummed if my designs do not win, but it will be in my resume and up for sale.
kainalucollage copyI’ve been facing disappointment lately as other contests close and eliminate my designs. It’s a learning experience, I remind myself. Yoga has been a great way to foster that mindset too. There are numerous occasion as soon as I open Photoshop designer’s block hits. I have to remind myself that I took the challenge, might’ve failed, but that’s ok because it’s all about practice. Yoga is about practice too. All you have to be proud of is that you tried. Now, yoga is not for everyone, but if you’re interested I’ve attached a video I stuck with for about a month.

Here are a couple of designs I dished out for today. It’s for a law firm. The fonts are not designed by me, but the logo is. I feel that they are welcoming designs that tells clients they can count on this law firm.


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