Movie Review – Despicable Me 2

July 3rd Despicable Me 2 opened in theaters and it was so worth waiting in line to go see. 3D made it even better! We meet a few new characters in order for Gru to take on his new role as Anti-Villian and loveable father, but the real show stoppers were the Minions. We love them not only because they look like twinkies and we want to eat them, but they are hilarious. It baffled me for a little while that a simple design with such hilarious and mischievous personalities can steal the hearts of children and adults. Even I find myself talking like them all for a good laugh. Oh, I can sing like them too. Their music numbers in the movies are total bomb! Everyone should definitely go see the movie. It makes a few references that today’s generation probably wouldn’t know what they’re referring too. LoL.
So, I did do a little research on how they cam about designing the minions. Like, why were they yellow? Where were they shaped like pills? There was very little talking about their looks, but it dawned on me that they look like twinkies! And people love twinkies. And I mean, yellow is a pretty pleasant color to look at and probably will survive a long time. The Simpsons did it. Anyways, there were a few articles highlighting the Minions gibberish talk. Come to find that it’s combo of many different languages compressed to get something very unique and funny and something that everyone would have fun mimicking. I know I do. Always brings a smile. =)


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