Reflect designs after feedback

How long must you take you actually reflect on your designs? I reflect by getting into Photoshop and playing with everything. Tweaking here there. Changing the colors, the text, anything to get a different look. But it goes deeper than just tweaking.
I have an idea of what looks great and what doesn’t, but it’s difficult to reject your own design you’re initially proud of. It’s until your design gets feedback that you have to stare long and hard at what the heck is wrong with the design. My design below was eliminated from the contest ultimately because it wasn’t what the client was looking for, but the feedback that struck a cord was “generic.” I looked at my design and asked… Why are you generic? What is generic? Well, there are simple shapes and colors that could work for any business. It’s not a real branding logo. There’s so much I need to study when it comes to giving clients what they want and need at that. I read a couple of articles on the importance of graphic design, that’s what I binged, and it was consistent that companies want a branding image that will effect the community in a positive manner. Makes sense enough. I’d want that for my business as well. Being a graphic designer is really tough. I’ll need to study and research how to communicate effectively with every design.
Anyone have a good blog to follow? Or a good book to guide me through graphic design?


2 thoughts on “Reflect designs after feedback

  1. Miranda July 9, 2013 / 3:05 pm is a good one to see what everyone else is doing. talks about good design essentials.

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