Back to Basics: Shapes moving, merging, scaling

I’m really enjoying my new read, Design Basics Index. I’m reflecting on past designs and planning for future designs. It mentions to just pick up the pencil and paper and draw simple shapes in relation to the space given. It got me thinking about my college elements of design class. So, I dug up my sketch book and found this exercise. The assignment I believe was to create a sequence of a shape or shapes moving, merging, or scaling. I remember having fun with this because there was no right or wrong and simple shapes do not intimidate me at all. It’s just innocent FUN! This could definitely help when you’re organizing elements of your design. Observe the negative and positive space when you finish a sequence, reflect how you feel about it, and apply it to your design. My favorite one is on the second page, second row where the star in laying down.




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