Inspiration from a to-be-born love

Design inspiration can come from anywhere and evolve out of nothing, really. I was doodling my to-be-born-nephew’s name (MICAH!) and it just wasn’t looking baby-worthy. So I decided to incorporate his theme animal (picked by his parents) the elephant. It wasn’t working out to it’s full potential and it just wasn’t floating my boat. So instead, I drew Micah’s very own elephant. I named in Eli the Elephant.

Then, baby products came to mind and I thought Eli the Elephant would work great in a favor label design or even a baby shower invitation. The overall concept of Eli the Elephant led me to infatuation and I went animal basirk! Eli the Elephant wouldn’t get so lonely anymore! I threw in the familiar jungle friends; Levi the Lion, Nana the Monkey, and Gigi the Giraffe.

I actually met Levi the Lion at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park too. He was a big guy. Very smart too. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his babylike personality.

Anyways, there was a edit and reediting process to this label and invite. I just played with everything. The hardest part were the colors. Finding the right color and the right combination. I did some extra research on these jungle invitations so I’m within trend or fashion. Hopefully I nailed it. And it is now for sale $1.75 each printed invite on zazzle(dot)com. InReachDesigns(click) The more you buy the more you save. If you would like to disgust a custom design with my Cutie Animals please contact me at


My design for sale! as a sticker


My elephant sticker design for baby showers, baby announcements baptisms, birthdays, etc. When you follow the link you can choose the text that goes above the Cutie Animal. $5.50 for a sheet of 20 stickers. I get 12% of the cost. It’s a start I guess. We’ll see how it does.

I’ve been contemplating my options for selling my digital designs. I stumbled upon Here I can upload my designs to be printed on various products FOR FREE. You give the royalty percentage based on how much you think your design is worth. Above is a link to my first sticker design.

Market your graphic designs

Items you will need

  • Business card
  • Online portfolio
  • Website
Step 1Determine your target market so you can tailor marketing efforts to client needs. Providing wedding graphic designs is different from providing design solutions for small businesses. Tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Step 2Gather your best designs and create a professional portfolio to show during client meetings. Create sample designs as spec pieces if you don’t have previous work to show. Keep your target market in mind as you do so. Include invitations, save-the-date cards and wedding programs to brides-to-be. Include logos, business cards, brochures and letterhead designs for business owners.

Step 3Create a website or online portfolio to market your graphic designs locally and outside of your area. Use websites such as Coroflot, DeviantArt or Wobook to host an online portfolio or purchase a web domain and hosting through sites such as GoDaddy, Yahoo Small Business or BlueHost.

Step 4Design a logo to represent your graphic design business. Create business cards to promote your services. Include a brief listing of services provided, contact information and the web address of your online portfolio.

Step 5Join local business associations to introduce your designs to your community. Partner with local businesses who do not compete with your brand but whose clientele is a part of your target market.

Step 6Create a direct-mail campaign using postcards you can design yourself. Provide in these an introduction of yourself and your services, and advise recipients on how to contact you. Send these cards to members of the local business community or purchase direct-mail lists online.

Step 7Attend community events and offer to donate your graphic services. You can create a brochure, event program or logo.