Skillcrush made me very uncomfortable with presenting a lesson on JavaScript. Don’t get me wrong the lesson is probably fine and they made us swear, with a thumbs up selfie as an assignment, to stick with it. That’s what I did and it was quite the rollercoaster. Things worked here but not there and then it worked later on. Gah! 

Yesterday, we submitted our first webpage with JavaScript applied. Even in jsbin I’m not sure what the heck it’s suppose to do. Back to the Google Group Forum I go. 

Feel free to check it out.


Becoming a Skillcrusher

In 2013 I became a freelance graphic designer. I had a degree in digital media so I called myself a graphic designer. Unfortunately the competition ate my humble pie. 

My one mistake about going freelance is not taking charge of the resources out there. It took my employer putting me on probation and the fork in the road looking so slim. I gave myself more avenues when enrolling in a Bootcamp Blueprint from, where hey teach you tech skills without getting all technical on you. 

I’m currently on my third month of the Front End Developer Blueprint and I’ve been reassured, challenged, and inspired. My goal is to be a web developer full time. So far, I just need to market my skills…put myself out there…and take control of my work life. And of course HAVE FUN! 

Skillcrushing to infinity and beyond!