#Skillcrusher Woes

Things haven’t come full circle yet! I smile, I frown, I jump, I slump. My journey to become a freelancer hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies. The question that keeps me up all night is…how it is going to come full circle?!?!?

I enrolled in the WordPress Bootcamp and it all started with some awesome front end developing teachings. Now, I get to the WordPress Unit and I’m paying for yet another website (thankfully there was a coupon). I want to experience everything and learn all the avenues, but now that Adda is sharing all the success stories it’s leaning me towards envy and jealousy instead of inspiration. But, I guess I’m responsible for how I take all this is. (roll my eyes). What makes me even more sick, is I’m using wordpress to express all this! I know how to modify things, but I don’t know how to start! Where do I start? Why am I not asking my instructors these things?!? Pride? I’m only making myself look stupid…sound stupid.

This is the turning point of my story, right?  I want this.


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