#Skillcrusher Woes

Things haven’t come full circle yet! I smile, I frown, I jump, I slump. My journey to become a freelancer hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies. The question that keeps me up all night is…how it is going to come full circle?!?!?

I enrolled in the WordPress Bootcamp and it all started with some awesome front end developing teachings. Now, I get to the WordPress Unit and I’m paying for yet another website (thankfully there was a coupon). I want to experience everything and learn all the avenues, but now that Adda is sharing all the success stories it’s leaning me towards envy and jealousy instead of inspiration. But, I guess I’m responsible for how I take all this is. (roll my eyes). What makes me even more sick, is I’m using wordpress to express all this! I know how to modify things, but I don’t know how to start! Where do I start? Why am I not asking my instructors these things?!? Pride? I’m only making myself look stupid…sound stupid.

This is the turning point of my story, right?  I want this.



Skillcrush made me very uncomfortable with presenting a lesson on JavaScript. Don’t get me wrong the lesson is probably fine and they made us swear, with a thumbs up selfie as an assignment, to stick with it. That’s what I did and it was quite the rollercoaster. Things worked here but not there and then it worked later on. Gah! 

Yesterday, we submitted our first webpage with JavaScript applied. Even in jsbin I’m not sure what the heck it’s suppose to do. Back to the Google Group Forum I go. 

Feel free to check it out. 


Becoming a Skillcrusher

In 2013 I became a freelance graphic designer. I had a degree in digital media so I called myself a graphic designer. Unfortunately the competition ate my humble pie. 

My one mistake about going freelance is not taking charge of the resources out there. It took my employer putting me on probation and the fork in the road looking so slim. I gave myself more avenues when enrolling in a Bootcamp Blueprint from Skillcrush.com, where hey teach you tech skills without getting all technical on you. 

I’m currently on my third month of the Front End Developer Blueprint and I’ve been reassured, challenged, and inspired. My goal is to be a web developer full time. So far, I just need to market my skills…put myself out there…and take control of my work life. And of course HAVE FUN! 

Skillcrushing to infinity and beyond! 

Rising above designer woes

A few projects recently closed, so a winning design was chosen. Unfortunately, they weren’t my designs. I really yearn for that one day that I get my first bite. It’s a very stressful business I’m tell ya. Right now, I’m not handling it very well OR it could just be the rainy, thunderous Florida weather getting to me. Where’s my sunshine?
I keep trying to tell myself that my designs aren’t bad, but they’re just not what the clients are looking for. There so much for me to learn. It’s a little overwhelming. I’m not sure what kind of help I need or what exactly to study on so I get better. I know practice makes perfect, but I feel like I need to learn more…techniques, tools, styles. I definitely don’t feel cultured enough to please different clients. One of my designs was for a kids gymnastics class and my design turned out to be too mature, too corporate, if I’m using that word correctly. The winning design was totally FUN and colorful and full of life. I need to learn how to be in that state of mind when I read a clients description. To do that I think I just need to research, research, research. I’m always rushing through designs.

This was a loser. Up for grabs if you want to buy it!
This was a loser. Up for grabs if you want to buy it!

Not bought! If you like it let me know and we can collaborate
Not bought! If you like it let me know and we can collaborate
Definitely not fun enough.  Too serious!
Definitely not fun enough. Too serious!