My design for sale! as a sticker


My elephant sticker design for baby showers, baby announcements baptisms, birthdays, etc. When you follow the link you can choose the text that goes above the Cutie Animal. $5.50 for a sheet of 20 stickers. I get 12% of the cost. It’s a start I guess. We’ll see how it does.

I’ve been contemplating my options for selling my digital designs. I stumbled upon Here I can upload my designs to be printed on various products FOR FREE. You give the royalty percentage based on how much you think your design is worth. Above is a link to my first sticker design.

Yoga healing design woes

It’s been a couple of days since I took on other “contests” from DesignCrowd. I was immersed in my wave designs. I’d like to thank that business, Kainalu Designs, for that challenge. It always feels great for your creativity to flourish and you fully accept your designs. I’ll still be bummed if my designs do not win, but it will be in my resume and up for sale.
kainalucollage copyI’ve been facing disappointment lately as other contests close and eliminate my designs. It’s a learning experience, I remind myself. Yoga has been a great way to foster that mindset too. There are numerous occasion as soon as I open Photoshop designer’s block hits. I have to remind myself that I took the challenge, might’ve failed, but that’s ok because it’s all about practice. Yoga is about practice too. All you have to be proud of is that you tried. Now, yoga is not for everyone, but if you’re interested I’ve attached a video I stuck with for about a month.

Here are a couple of designs I dished out for today. It’s for a law firm. The fonts are not designed by me, but the logo is. I feel that they are welcoming designs that tells clients they can count on this law firm.

Typography Frustrations!

Ever since I can remember I have been collecting free fonts from different websites. Only now I realize that I have the tools to design it, but not so much the knowledge. I’m not so crystal about the different between “typeface” and “font.” Then again that could be the frustration talking. I’ve been sifting through amazon for typography design or guides or workbooks, anything really. Most of them are on the expensive side, so thank goodness for the used books. Then again I have no clue how valuable any of those books would be for me. The Internet could have just as valuable information. Heck, the real world would probably be a very good way to get inspiration. My only dilemma: creating it. Is Illustrator the correct tool? I’ll have to dust off that textbook.
Rewinding a bit, while browsing through the books on Amazon I noticed majority of them suggested to get the good ole pencil and paper and just start doodling letters. That should be a good idea.

If you have any other advice on how to create your own typeface or fonts (I need to research that) please pay it forward. =) I’m yearnin’ for some learnin’ – Goofy Movie

Design highs and lows

It’s been two weeks or so since I became a designer on Design Crowd . This business card was my second design “contest” and my first catch, which the client, ProCare, collaborated with me to reach a suitable design. I was feeling really excited that my design was in the running to be bought. It was only my first week as a designer! I can get excited, right? Well, the closing date was nearing, so I wanted to work as fast I could. Waiting for feedback. Tweaking things here and there. I didn’t want to stop! Unfortunately, I noticed ProCare discontinued feedback on my submissions. Then, the closing date was being extended. -___- Now, I feel like I missed a bite and ProCare was collaborating with another designer. There’s still a possibility that my design can be bought! ProCare is currently deciding on a design. Crossing my fingers!

Business Card Design