Inspiration from a to-be-born love

Design inspiration can come from anywhere and evolve out of nothing, really. I was doodling my to-be-born-nephew’s name (MICAH!) and it just wasn’t looking baby-worthy. So I decided to incorporate his theme animal (picked by his parents) the elephant. It wasn’t working out to it’s full potential and it just wasn’t floating my boat. So instead, I drew Micah’s very own elephant. I named in Eli the Elephant.

Then, baby products came to mind and I thought Eli the Elephant would work great in a favor label design or even a┬ábaby shower invitation. The overall concept of Eli the Elephant led me to infatuation and I went animal basirk! Eli the Elephant wouldn’t get so lonely anymore! I threw in the familiar jungle friends; Levi the Lion, Nana the Monkey, and Gigi the Giraffe.

I actually met Levi the Lion at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge Zoological Park too. He was a big guy. Very smart too. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his babylike personality.

Anyways, there was a edit and reediting process to this label and invite. I just played with everything. The hardest part were the colors. Finding the right color and the right combination. I did some extra research on these jungle invitations so I’m within trend or fashion. Hopefully I nailed it. And it is now for sale $1.75 each printed invite on zazzle(dot)com. InReachDesigns(click) The more you buy the more you save. If you would like to disgust a custom design with my Cutie Animals please contact me at